Being a pet owner is extremely rewarding. The relationship that you have with your pets is one built on unconditional love. When choosing a place to live, it is important to take their needs into consideration. Oftentimes, traditional apartments are not a good fit for pets. This is particularly true for dogs since apartments don’t have yards where they can run and play.

That doesn’t mean that you need to buy a house. Instead, you can look into moving into a rental house. Renting a house instead of an apartment provides you with an outdoor space, making it a more suitable option for pet owners. Try using these tips to find pet-friendly houses for rent in Aurora, Illinois:

1. Start your search well in advance. If there is a specific date by which you need to move into your new place, you should begin looking for a rental home as far in advance of that date as possible. Because there are relatively few rental properties that accept pets, it may take you a little bit longer to find a place to live. By giving yourself enough time, you won’t be forced to make rash, hurried decisions.

2. Consider working with a property management company or real estate agent. Trying to find a pet-friendly house to rent on your own can be challenging. With the help of a realtor or property management company, however, the process is usually a lot easier. These professionals typically have a large network of contacts, meaning that they may be able to discover places that will work that would have been hard to find on your own.

3. Be willing to pay a larger-than-normal deposit. You may be able to convince a landlord to accept your pet if you are willing to put down a large pet deposit. Most landlords are hesitant to rent to pet owners, simply because pets can do a lot of damage. Knowing that their financial interest is protected by your deposit can take some of the fear out of the equation, making them more likely to bend the rules. This technique usually works best with independent landlords since they have more leeway to negotiate than property management companies.

If you own a pet, finding houses for rent in Aurora, Illinois presents some unique challenges. By starting your search well in advance, working with a property management company or realtor in the area, and setting aside extra money for a deposit, you should be able to eventually find a home that is the right fit.